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What is the applicable scope and method of resin anchor?

Feb 15, 2019

Resin anchor application & use

Resin anchor application range

Resin anchoring agent is not only used in shaft support, shaft installation, hydropower engineering prestressed bolt reinforcement, but also in building reinforcement, highway repair, tunnel construction, foundation rooting, equipment foundation and component anchorage and other fields have its wide application.


Use method of resin anchor


1. According to the design requirements of anchorage agent specifications and rod length, determine the drilling depth than the full length of the rod 60~ 80mm


2. Clean eye holes of floating dust with compressed air.


3. According to the designed anchorage length, feed the selected anchorage agent into the hole bottom with the rod body, start the agitator to drive the rod body to rotate for 30 5 seconds, and advance to the hole bottom at a uniform speed.


4. After removing the agitator, wedge the rod body in time at the orifice. Do not shift or shake the rod body before curing.Fast for 15 minutes, medium speed for 40 minutes.


5. The fast and medium speeds are 7 minutes and 15 minutes respectively, and the upper bracket can be loaded after tightening the nut.


6. According to the field power conditions, the stirring installation tools can be equipped with air driven bolt mixer or electric coal drill with connecting head, and the tightening nut can be equipped with air driven wrench or manual wrench.If the bolt drill is used, it is more convenient to drill and install bolt in the same machine.


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