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What is the application of waterborne acrylic resin in glass paint?

Jan 30, 2019

 The application of waterborne acrylic resin in glass paint

Glass is a kind of decoration and packaging material widely used in our life.Our country is the country with the biggest vitreous output and usage on the world, to increase beautiful to glass, improve the adornment effect of glassware further, the vitreous lacquer with each different color is used on industry undertake besmearing is installed on vitreous surface.From the nature of glass paint can be divided into water-based glass paint and traditional oily glass paint;From the construction can be divided into: hand-painted paint, spray paint, spray paint, roller paint and so on;In the temperature can be divided into: dry paint, low temperature paint, high temperature paint;Specific paint species to calculate, can be regarded as full of beautiful things in eyes, such as: solid color paint, transparent paint, frosting paint, vertical grain paint, hammer grain paint, pu glass paint, EP glass paint, meteorite paint, crack paint, three-dimensional paint and so on.

At present, the glass coatings on the market are mainly solvent-based, which cause a large amount of VOC emissions in the process of production and construction and produce different degrees of pollution to the environment.In recent years, the national or local governments have issued increasingly stringent laws and regulations to limit the emission of VOC paint.For example, in order to control air pollution, shenzhen issued new regulations, from July 1, 2015, will be completely banned the serious harm to public health solvent paint (paint), adhesives and other unqualified decoration and decoration materials, become the first limit in the country solvent paint (paint) sales and use of the city."Oil to water" is becoming a trend of industrial development, water-based paint came into being, water-based glass paint has also been better development.The development ideas of water-based glass paint are generally as follows:

Water-based glass paint must be flexible enough to provide adhesion, and the hardness must reach more than 2H to resist friction loss.

Resin is the main component of the water-based coating system, which mainly determines the physical and mechanical properties of the final curing film, such as hardness, flexibility, adhesion, chemical resistance, etc.Guangzhou association polymer co., LTD., the research and development production of water-based acrylic resin, water dispersivity is good, high hardness, high gloss, excellent resistance to chemical solvent, weather resistance and other properties, excellent comprehensive performance, through collocation amino resin, curing agent, used for glass paint, glass paint performance can meet the above requirements, in the glass surface showed excellent adhesion, hardness, and excellent resistance to water, solvent resistance.


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