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What is the assembly process of the FRP tank?

Feb 16, 2019

Introduction to the assembly process of glass steel cans

1. Assembly process of FRP tanks? Are you clear? The following small series introduces you to the following. 1. The upper and lower head forming heads are structurally divided into inner liner and structural layer. The material of the inner liner of the head is resin, and the resin is used in a large amount. Formed by a combination of hand and paste, and the inner layer of the head is laid, and the deep curing is completed.

The structural layer of the head is arranged by means of a spray gun emitting radiation and glass cloth alternately stopping. The single tension of the glass cloth should be applied with reasonable tension, overlapped with each other excessively, and repeatedly rolled out by the combined pressure roller. The bubbles are used to ensure complete penetration of the fibers, but each of the reinforced data layers must reach the resin content of the design and can be demolded after being laid.

2, FRP tank manufacturers inside the liner lining can also be divided into two parts from the structure, the identification is the inner lining and the excessive layer, the two functions are anti-corrosion and anti-seepage. The composition of the lining is also resin. The redemption of the resin is the quality inspection department combined with the task environment and temperature elements. Therefore, the amount of ingredients should be controlled according to the task schedule. If the construction site suddenly has a temporary situation, the relevant quality inspection department and The manufacturing department should re-adjust the proportion of the formula according to the situation. The price of the FRP tank is in accordance with the new formula. The resin content of the inner liner is very high, at 90+2%, and the resin content of the transition layer is 80%, so it can be very The rod is anti-corrosion and anti-soak. The manufacture of the inner liner is gradually stopped according to the layup step, and the manufacture of the mold is completed on site, and is formed by the exit Venus spray gun. After the laying of the inner lining layer is completed, the relevant personnel can stop the preliminary quality inspection. The glass fiber reinforced plastic tank manufacturer has not reached the quality requirements, and exhibits the situation of poor rubber, hanging rubber, white spots, bubbles, etc., and should be reported to the disposal in time.

3. Assembling the solidified head to stop demoulding, cutting into the required size, and then lifting it to the top of the mold, using the chopped felt to reach the upper corner of the cylinder, so that the head and the barrel reach no Seam joints. The manufacture of the bottom of the tank requires a flat air reinforced by cement steel bars, keeping in mind that the diameter of the tank is larger than the diameter of the tank to facilitate the reinforcement of the inner corner of the tank. The manufacture of the FRP tank bottom can be stopped by the winding of the cylinder to extend the construction period.


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