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What is the change in the apparent characteristics of the curing process of unsaturated resin?

Jan 23, 2019

Changes in apparent characteristics of unsaturated resin curing process

The curing process of unsaturated polyester resin can be divided into three stages, namely:

1. Gel stage (stage A): the stage from the addition of the curing agent and the accelerator until the resin condenses into a jelly form and loses fluidity. In this segment, the resin can be melted and dissolved in certain solvents (such as ethanol, acetone, etc.). This phase takes about a few minutes to tens of minutes.

2. Hardening stage (B stage): From the time of the resin gel, until it becomes a stage with sufficient hardness to reach a substantially non-stick state. In this stage, the resin swells when it comes into contact with certain solvents (such as ethanol, acetone, etc.) but does not dissolve. It softens when heated but does not melt completely. This phase takes about tens of minutes to several hours.

3. Maturing stage (C stage): It is placed at room temperature, and after the hardening, it reaches the hardness required by the product, and has stable physical and chemical properties for use. In this stage, the resin neither dissolves nor melts. The post-cure we usually refer to refers to this stage. This knot is usually a very long process. It usually takes days or weeks or even longer.


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