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What is the common problem of resin of gelcoat of glass reinforced plastic mould?

Feb 22, 2019

Common problems of GFRP resin for gel coat are analyzed

As a common category of unsaturated resins, gel-coated resin for glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) mold is a special resin for gel-coated layer of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products.In the following content, we selected common problems for you and analyzed the reasons. We also hope that you do not worry when you encounter problems of GFRP mold gel coat resin. It is the most important to find out the causes of the problems and then solve them.

The first problem is the appearance of cracks and cracks

If cracks appear, it is usually because the gel coat is too thick and the heat release temperature is high.And because demolding is too fierce, add the impact of external force of gelcoat surface, also can appear afore-mentioned problems.

Problem number two, the gel coat is wrinkled

Rubella wrinkling is also a common problem of rubella resin.This is mainly due to the gelcoat is too thin, uneven thickness, gelcoat curing insufficient and other reasons.In addition, the water content of curing agent is high, and the uneven mixing of curing agent and gel coat will also cause the above problems.

Problem 3, product gelcoat burnish is bad

Because environment temperature is low, environment humidity is big, plus the smooth degree of mould is poor, the surface has the reason such as dirt, can cause product gelcoat burnish bad such consequence.

Usually found GFRP mold gelcoat resin problems, you can first look at what is the problem, and then find out the key reasons and to solve.

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