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What is the contact of unsaturated polyester resin?

Nov 02, 2018

What is the contact of unsaturated polyester resin?

Thixotropism of unsaturated polyester resin means that when the resin is applied by external forces, its viscosity decreases and its fluidity improves.This property is very important in GFRP hand paste and spray molding.Because it is easy to flow down when forming large FRP products or when operating in the vertical plane.If high viscosity resin is used alone, then for the hand paste process, on the one hand, it is not easy to impregnate glass fiber products, on the other hand, the bubble in the resin is not easy to be removed, thus affecting the product quality;For the injection process, the resin viscosity is too large, will make the injection process.A small amount of thixotropic agent can effectively solve the problem.

Thixotropy of unsaturated poly resin is usually measured by the thixotropy index (or thixotropy value).The thixotropy index can be obtained by the following method: using a rotary viscometer, take the same rotor and determine the viscosity of the resin system respectively under 6r/ m in and 6 or/ m in according to the method of G B 7, 1, 9, 3.The thixotropy index can be calculated according to the following formula: thixotropy index = V1/ V2 V1 -- the viscosity measured by the rotor at 6r/min;

V2 -- measured viscosity of rotor at 60r/ min.The higher the thixotropy index, the better the thixotropy of resin system.


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