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What is the definition of vinyl resin?

Jan 24, 2019

Vinyl resin, also known as epoxy acrylic resin, is a new type of resin developed in the 1960s.

Vinyl resin has good comprehensive properties:

(1) because the unsaturated double bond is located at the end of the polymer molecular chain, the double bond is very active, curing is not affected by the space barrier, can be triggered by organic peroxide, cross linking between adjacent molecular chain curing, also can be with the monomer styrene polycuring;

(2) R group in the resin chain can shield the ester bond, improve the ester bond chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance stability;

(3)In vinyl resin, the ester bond per unit of relative molecular weight is about 35% ~ 50% less than that in ordinary unsaturated polyester, so as to improve the hydrolysis stability of the resin in acid and alkali solution.

(4) resin chain on the secondary hydroxyl and glass fiber or other fiber infiltration and bonding to improve the strength of composite materials;

(5) epoxy resin main chain, it can be endowed with vinyl resin toughness, molecular chain in the ether bond can make the resin has excellent acid resistance.

The variety and properties of vinyl resin vary widely with the raw materials used. The molecular structure can be designed according to the requirements of composite materials for the resin properties.


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