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What is the difference between colored sand epoxy and epoxy self-leveling?

Oct 31, 2018

Colored sand epoxy resin floor and common epoxy self-leveling difference

Epoxy floor paint colour sand is the color of quartz sand and epoxy resin seamless integration of new composite decoration floor, by one or more different colors of color quartz sand free collocation, form the colorful decoration colour and design, with elegant decorative texture, wear resistance, pressure resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, anti-skid, fire prevention, waterproof, etc, it is not only suitable for industrial floor, also applies to commercial and civil buildings, the ground is very popular in Europe and the United States and other developed countries in recent years, has been hailed as a "seamless hard carpet colour sand" (color sand seamless hard carpet).



Self-leveling epoxy floor is a kind of smooth and smooth functional floor with a colored epoxy coating applied on the ground.Strictly speaking, self-leveling epoxy resin floor is applied by epoxy resin slurry to produce a certain "self-leveling" effect in the construction process, that is, "integrated slurry casting method". This kind of floor surface is flat and smooth, clean and dustproof, with excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and durability.(some people in China have "brush" (that is, thin coating), "batch scraping" (that is, scratch thick putty + thin coating), "mortar" (that is, quartz powder paste application + thin coating) and other epoxy resin floor is also self-leveling epoxy resin floor, is actually erroneous).Strictly speaking, the truly high quality self-leveling epoxy resin floor thickness is generally more than 2mm, and is solvent-free.


The colored sand epoxy resin floor and the self-leveling epoxy resin floor are both belong to the epoxy resin adhesive resin floor type.However, these two types of floor in the construction process of essential differences.The difference lies in: the former is wet and solid construction, which requires sander and leveler to be compacted and levelled; the latter is liquid construction, which only needs to be scraped with rake or trowel; the former is more complicated than the latter.In addition, colored sand epoxy floor is superior to self-leveling epoxy floor in terms of decoration function and service life.


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