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What is the difference between marble glue and AB dry glue?

Feb 18, 2019

The difference between marble glue glue and AB dry glue.

1. difference:

The base material of mica gum is unsaturated resin, with curing agent, composed of two components of adhesive.It is characterized by fast gel, short curing time, high bonding strength and low temperature (-10) curing.At room temperature, after adjusting the formula, the gel can be cured in a few seconds, about 5 minutes.

The base material of AB dry hanging adhesive is epoxy resin, which is combined with curing agent to form AB two-component adhesive. The current dry hanging adhesive is generally A: B= 1:1.Commonly used on the market at room temperature (25).Its applicable period is generally about 30 minutes, the initial drying time is generally about 2 hours, and the complete curing time is generally 24-72 hours.Under normal circumstances, AB dry hanging adhesive at low temperature (10.Below), the curing speed is slow, and it will cost more to improve the curing speed.After fully curing, the durability of AB dry hanging adhesive is much better than that of mica glue, but its cost is higher than that of mica glue.

2. application

General marble glue due to its water resistance and durability is not very good, and the shrinkage of the curing, so the construction specifications, marble glue generally not used as structural glue, but only often used for rapid positioning or stone repair.Should pay special attention to is that the mica should never be used for large areas of paste.

AB dry hanging adhesive curing, due to the better strength and durability, so in addition to dedicated to marble dry hanging, by adjusting the formula can also be used for other structures bonding.


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