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What is the difference between polyamide resin, polypropylene resin, and polyurethane resin?

Jun 02, 2020

Coating polyacrylate coating adhesive Polyacrylate fabric coating adhesive is one of the commonly used coating adhesives at present, it has the following advantages:

  Polypropylene resin advantages:

   1. Good sunlight resistance and weather fastness, not easy to yellow;

   2. Good transparency and compatibility, which is beneficial to the production of colored coating products;

   3. Good washing resistance;

   4. Strong adhesion;

   5. Lower cost

Disadvantages of polypropylene resin:

   1. Poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle; poor surface finish;

   2. It is difficult to adjust the feel properly.

   Polyurethane coating agent is the main type of development today, and its advantages are:

   1. The coating is soft and elastic;

   2. The coating has good strength and can be used for very thin coatings;

   3. The coating is porous, with moisture permeability and ventilation performance;

   4. Abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and dry cleaning resistance.

   The shortcomings are:

   1. The cost is higher;

   2. Poor weather resistance;

  3. It is hydrolyzed in case of water, heat and alkali.

   PU coating agents are classified according to the composition: polyester polyurethane; polyether polyurethane; aromatic isocyanate polyurethane; aliphatic isocyanate polyurethane. According to the medium used in the use is divided into solvents and water.

   PA coated with white and PU coated with white or coated with PA and PU transparent glue is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, but PA and PU are still different,

   One is feel: PA feels more astringent, PU is smoother, PU elasticity is better than PA;

   One is gloss: PA has no gloss, PU is shiny and bright; another PU has a good film feel, feels like a film when touched.

   In short, PU is brighter, has better elasticity, and has a film feel, but PA does not have these conditions. Of course, it is still difficult to distinguish by these general novices, by the way, teach you a little trick:

   1. Press firmly on the cloth with rubber and lift it up, PA will stick with the rubber and PU will not stick;

   2. Drop a few drops of toluene on the coated surfaces of the two cloths, and then gently rub with your hands, the PA coating will fall off.