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What is the effect of product structure on the degree of resin curing?

Jan 22, 2019

What is the effect of product structure on the degree of resin curing?

The amount of heat released by a certain amount of UPR mixture is fixed, depending on the chemical composition of its components. However, the rate of exotherm and the resulting rate of temperature rise and the maximum exothermic peak temperature that can be achieved by the system depend on the shape and size of the UPR mixture, the surrounding temperature, the added initiator, the accelerator, and the inhibition. There are many factors in the composition and concentration of the agent. Under the same composition, the large parts have less heat loss than the smaller parts, and the temperature rise is higher. If the amount of UPR involved in curing is too large, it may cause the exotherm to go out of control, the system will crack due to exotherm, shrinkage, and even decompose black smoke until it catches fire. Therefore, pay attention to the following points during construction:

The larger the volume of the resin product, the appropriate amount of curing agent and accelerator should be reduced. The volume of the product is small, and the amount of the curing agent and the accelerator to be added is appropriately increased.
For large-area spray molding, the crosslinking agent may be insufficient due to volatilization of the crosslinking agent, and the amount of the accelerator and the curing agent may be appropriately increased to shorten the gel time.

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