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What is the hand paste molding process?

Oct 27, 2018

What is the hand paste molding process?

The advantages are that the molding is free from the limitation of product size and shape. It is suitable for the production of products with large size, small batch and complex shape.Simple equipment, less investment, quick results.Suitable for the development of township enterprises in China.The process is simple and the production technology is easy to master.It is easy to meet the needs of product design and can add reinforcing materials at different parts of the product.High resin content and good corrosion resistance.

The disadvantages are low production efficiency, slow speed, long production cycle, not mass production.And product quality

Not easy to control, performance stability is not high.The product has low mechanical properties.The production environment is poor, the smell is big, the dust when processing is much, easy to cause injury to the construction personnel.


The technological process

Coating resin mixture containing curing agent on the mould, then spread on the stick a layer of clipping good fabrics, according to the requirement by brush, roller or squeezing scraper fabric, make it even after soak glue and eliminate air bubbles, followed by the mixture of resin and the shop is stuck the second fabric, repeated the process until the desired thickness.Then, under certain pressure, heat solidification molding (hot pressing forming) or heat solidification molding (cold pressing forming) by curing with the resin system, the composite material products are finally obtained by stripping.The technological process is shown as follows:



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