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What is the main application of epoxy resin?

Mar 20, 2019

                                   What is the main application of epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is relatively more used in the production of inks, hot melt adhesives, etc. Epoxy resin is a chemical raw material with excellent performance and wide use. Epoxy resin manufacturers can be divided into two categories according to their properties: non-reactive Or neutral epoxy resin and reactive epoxy resin. Neutral epoxy resins are mainly used in the production of inks, heat-sensitive adhesives and coatings, reactive epoxy resins are used in epoxy resin curing agents, and in thermosetting surface coatings, adhesives, lining materials and cans, Molded resin. The neutral epoxy resin has good adhesion on a substrate such as polyethylene, and is particularly suitable for printing on a plastic film such as a polyethylene surface packaging film or a metal foil composite laminate film; the ink prepared by the neutral polyamide resin is glossy. Good bonding performance, excellent alcohol dilution, low gelation, fast drying and low odor. Dimer acid-based heat-sealable resin, widely used in shoe making, can making, packaging and bookbinding; edge seam sealing for canning; bonding of new structural containers for freezing apples, oranges and other juices.

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