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What is the main purpose of the resin?

Oct 28, 2018

What is the main purpose of the resin?

The main application fields of composite materials are: 1 aerospace field. Due to its good thermal stability and high specific strength and specific stiffness, the composite can be used to manufacture aircraft wings and front fuselage, satellite antennas and their supporting structures, solar cell wings and casings, casings of large launch vehicles, engine casings, Space shuttle structural parts, etc. 2 automotive industry. Because the composite material has special vibration damping characteristics, it can reduce vibration and reduce noise, and has good fatigue resistance. It is easy to repair after damage and easy to form. Therefore, it can be used to manufacture automobile body, force component, transmission shaft, engine frame and its interior. member. 3 Chemical, textile and machinery manufacturing. A material with a good corrosion resistance of carbon fiber and a resin matrix can be used in the manufacture of chemical equipment, textile machines, paper machines, copiers, high-speed machine tools, precision instruments, and the like. 4 medical fields. Carbon fiber composites have excellent mechanical properties and do not absorb X-rays, and can be used in the manufacture of medical X-ray machines and orthopedic stents. Carbon fiber composites also have bio-tissue compatibility and blood compatibility, are stable in biological environments, and are also used as biomedical materials. In addition, composite materials are also used in the manufacture of sports equipment and as building materials.

Thermosetting resin matrix composite

The thermosetting resin-based composite material is a thermosetting resin such as an unsaturated polyester resin, an epoxy resin, a phenol resin, a vinyl ester resin or the like, and is made of glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber or the like. A composite made of reinforced materials. Epoxy resin is characterized by excellent chemical stability, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, good adhesion and high mechanical strength. It is widely used in chemical, light industry, machinery, electronics, water conservancy, transportation, automobile. , home appliances and aerospace and other fields. It is characterized by good corrosion resistance, good solvent resistance, high mechanical strength, high elongation, good adhesion to metals, plastics, concrete and other materials, good fatigue resistance, good electrical properties, heat aging, curing shrinkage. Low rate, can be cured at room temperature or heat.

Products are mainly used in construction, anti-corrosion, light industry, transportation, shipbuilding and other industrial fields. In terms of construction, there are interior and exterior wall panels, transparent tiles, cooling towers, air conditioner covers, fans, glass steel water tanks, sanitary wares, purification tanks, etc.; in petrochemical industry, mainly used for pipelines and storage tanks; in transportation, on automobiles There are mainly body, hood, bumper and other accessories. There are car panels, doors and windows, seats, etc. on the train. There are mainly hovercraft, lifeboats, reconnaissance boats, fishing boats, etc. in the field of machinery and electrical appliances such as roof fans and axial flow. Fans, cable trays, insulating rods, integrated circuit boards and other products are of considerable scale; in the aerospace and military fields, light aircraft, tailplanes, satellite antennas, rocket nozzles, bulletproof panels, body armor, torpedoes, etc. have all achieved significant breakthrough.