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What is the method of making FRP robot shell?

Oct 23, 2018

The FRP shell has irreplaceable advantages of other materials, such as good design, beautiful appearance, great strength and toughness, low development cost, etc. What is the method of making FRP robot shell?


Fiberglass robot housing

1. Design and modeling

FRP process is easy to shape beautiful streamline products, can highlight the modern and period work, in the design can be preferred to use arc shape and streamline.It is very important to make a delicate sculpture mold for the shell. The appearance of the shell after shaping depends entirely on the level of carving mold. Generally, there are two kinds of materials for the mold, one is clay and the other is foam.For a neat product like the robot shell, foam molding is the most appropriate.

2. Turn the gypsum mold

Gypsum mould is the most primitive and effective method in sculpture production. After the gypsum is dried and hard, the gypsum mould is brushed one layer on top of the sculpted foam model.

3. Hand-paste fiberglass

After the GFRP resin material is dried, the glass fiber felt is affixed, and the glass fiber felt is covered evenly with the resin. The steps are repeated 3 times.

4. Polish the rough embryos of GFRP

A beautiful product, the requirements for polishing is very high, polish smooth or not, completely affect the quality of the robot shell.

5. Repair and inspection

Check the shell carefully, check out the uneven, sand hole position, and repair.

6.Spray paint

Spray paint is to pay attention to a number of steps to color docking position, well shield processing to prevent color confusion.

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