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What is the process of making an unsaturated polyester transparent resin imitation crystal?

Oct 25, 2018

The process of making an unsaturated polyester transparent resin imitation crystal mainly adopts the crystal resin which is completely transparent and formed by one-time perfusion.The production of this product, raw material is the key, first is to choose good transparent resin and colorless cobalt promoter and curing agent, which is the necessary precondition for making resin imitation crystal handicraft.


One, transparent resin handicraft production process mold making is usually to use silicon rubber to make mold.

2. The molding of resin imitation crystal handicraft by ligand forming is very critical. According to the production requirements of the product, a certain proportion of defoaming agent is added.1. Raw materials: transparent crystal resin, colorless cobalt promoter and antifoaming agent.2, handicraft molding: according to the actual weight of the product according to need to allocate the resin component, add the same proportion of curing agent and about a third mixture resin and then pour into a clean mold, along with the rest of the not pour into the mold resin container into the vacuum in vacuum at the same time, it needs to pay attention to the time after the deflated must slow, from the chamber lens see the resin bubble slowly disappear inside the mold, until the bubbles disappear completely within the mold after the inlet valve fully open, it finished the last of the air.Then take the mold out of the empty box, put it on the certificate table, and slowly pour the remaining resin into the mold.If there are still small pores after curing, a certain proportion of styrene can be added to the resin to dilute the resin.3. The curing time of the resin shall be controlled according to the actual situation of the product.

3. The surface treatment and polishing of the embryo body is a very key process of resin imitation crystal handicraft. After the product is removed from the mold, it needs to wait until it is completely solidified.After taking out, sand the entire surface of the product with fine sandpaper.Finally, the surface of the product is polished by the light machine.4. Spray the surface of the product with bright oil and apply a coat of light paint on the polished product with a spray gun (you can use light varnish or bright gold oil). After the paint is completely solidified, check the product for reverie.After checking that there is no problem, we can enter the assembly and packaging process.

Product quality requirements product quality requirements product surface invisible pores and product surface smooth and crystal clear texture and rare appearance.

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