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What is the role of vinyl ester resin anticorrosive coating ?

Feb 19, 2019

When using vinyl anti-corrosion coatings, be sure to choose the right product, and also need to strictly follow the steps during construction. When the surface is treated, a vinyl anticorrosive coating is used, and after the primer is cured, the surface is sprayed as required to achieve a good anticorrosive effect.

When some products require anti-corrosion treatment, vinyl anti-corrosion coatings are needed for the underlying process of corrosion protection. In some large ships, good anti-corrosion measures are also required to reduce the serious corrosion caused by sea water. When using glass flakes for treatment, a protective layer can be formed on the surface of the ship to ensure that the hull is not corroded.

In marine engineering, good anti-corrosion treatment is also needed to reduce the intrusion caused by seawater. In different ways, the use of glass flake primer can not only form a protective layer, but also allow the anti-corrosion coating to infiltrate into the project. The interior is like a protective layer of fish scales. There are dozens of vinyl anti-corrosion coatings on the surface, which have a good protective effect on the project.

Nowadays, what is the role of the glass flake primer is to use a wide range of new epoxy anticorrosive paints, which can be used for spraying and painting without the solvent and the glass flake primer. There is better protection in terms of reliability, and there will be a significant improvement in the advantages, and the reliability will be better.

Of course, vinyl ester resin coating construction also has higher requirements. It belongs to the type of solid epoxy resin anti-corrosion paint. Therefore, there is no solvent in the process of use, and it can have better spraying effect in the process of use. The anti-corrosion effect is also very good.