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What is the use of general purpose resin?

Sep 29, 2018

732 resin is a "special resin", not a "general resin"! 732 resin is a strongly acidic styrene cation exchange resin. It is an ion exchange resin with a sulfonic acid group (-SO3H) on a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer matrix, which has the characteristics of large exchange capacity, fast exchange speed and good mechanical strength. If you buy a large quantity and ensure that there is no cross-contamination with different types of resins, you can buy "ion exchange resin manufacturers", they can recycle "regeneration." But if there is cross-contamination or mixed with other types of resin, I am afraid that it will be dumped as "garbage"! The above refers to "732 resin ion exchange resin pellets (about 3.3 to 0.8 mm in diameter)". If you buy a raw material for the manufacture of "732 resin ion exchange resin", you can only buy it for the ion exchange resin manufacturer because it is a "special resin" and the field of its use is "limited". His "professionalism" in production, distribution, use and recycling is extremely strong. Unlike the “general resin” production, distribution, use, and recycling, it is “universal” and “easy”.