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What is thixotropic resin

Oct 26, 2018

What is thixotropic resin?

In the forming process of GFRP manual paste and injection molding, the unsaturated polyester polyresin used is required to have thixotropy sometimes in order to prevent fluid glue. That is, when there is additional mechanical force, the viscosity of the resin decreases. When the mechanical force is removed, the viscosity of the resin increases rapidly.This not only makes it easy to evenly apply the resin to the glass fiber fabric, but also keeps the coated resin from flowing down on the vertical plane or inclined plane, so that large vertical structures can be accurately manufactured.

Neweco High Polymer Co.Lt.d thixotropic resin as below,

Product attributes:

The 915 resin is phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride and standard dihydride are the main raw materials of phthalic anhydride.

Features and applications:

The temperature peak of 915 resin is low, which has good mechanical properties, good adhesion to ABS composite acrylic board, easy to infiltrate glass fiber, and difficult to flow glue during operation.Applicable to spray process and hand paste process, for ABS composite acrylic sheet bonding and reinforcement.




NEWECO is one of the leading unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers and  suppliers,widely used in automobiles, ships, rail transit, wind power  generation, pipe cans, heat and corrosion protection, building  materials, stone repair, sanitary ware, artificial stone and other  industries. Suitable for hand lay-up, spray, pultrusion, winding,  molding, vacuum introduction / RTM, casting and other molding processes. NEWECO Resin is committed to excellence and focuses on the application  of composite materials to provide customers with comprehensive  solutions.