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What is toughening resin?

Jan 29, 2019

Toughening resin

Compared with the original unsaturated polyester resin varieties, the current resin toughness has been greatly improved.However, with the development of unsaturated polyester resin downstream industry, more and more new requirements are put forward for the performance of unsaturated polyester resin, especially in the aspect of toughness.The brittleness of unsaturated resins after curing has become an important problem limiting the development of unsaturated resins.The fracture elongation is an important index to evaluate the quality of resin products, whether they are cast-moulded handicraft products, mould-pressed products or wound products.

At present, some foreign manufacturers adopt the method of adding saturated resin to improve toughness.For example, the addition of saturated polyester, styrene butadiene rubber and carboxy-terminated styrene butadiene rubber is a physical toughening method.For example, the interpenetrating network structure formed by unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin greatly improves the tensile strength and impact strength of the resin. This toughening method is a chemical toughening method.Physical and chemical toughening methods can also be used such as mixing the active unsaturated polyester with the less active material to achieve the desired flexibility.At present SMC plate because of its light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, design flexibility in the automotive industry has been widely used, for the automotive plate, car back door, outside the board and other important parts, requires a good toughness, such as the car external protection plate can be a little touch after the limit to bend back and restore to its original state.

Improving the toughness of the resin often results in the loss of other properties of the resin, such as hardness, bending strength, heat resistance and curing speed during construction.Improving the toughness of the resin without losing other inherent properties of the resin has become an important subject of scientific research and development of unsaturated polyester resin.


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