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What is Unsaturated polyester resin accelerator?

Jan 23, 2019

Unsaturated polyester resin accelerator

Accelerator refers to the polyester resin in the curing process, can reduce the initiator initiation temperature, promote the organic peroxide at room temperature to produce free radical material.
Unsaturated polyester resin with organic peroxide critical temperature above 60 ℃, all can not meet the requirement of the room temperature curing, only in the presence of the reducer (or oxidant), organic peroxide decomposition activation energy can be significantly reduced, so that organic peroxide decomposition temperature can be decomposed at room temperature, therefore, made up of initiator and accelerator system often referred to as the trigger system.

(1) according to its effect on the organic peroxide classification: (1) the effective promoter of peroxide;(2) effective promoter of hydroxide;(3) to peroxide and hydroxyl peroxide are effective promoter.Most promoters are reductive, and their mechanism of action is to promote the formation of free groups of peroxides and reaction chains. 

(2) according to the initiator promoter system classification: (1) dibenzoyl peroxide - tertiary amine system;(2) keto peroxide cobalt naphthenate initiator system.

(3) combination accelerator: the combination of one accelerator and the other accelerator will produce synergistic effect and shorten the gel time and curing time


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