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what is usage of putty?

Feb 27, 2019

Usage of putty

1.The scratched surface must be cleaned of oil, rust, old paint film and water, and must be dried and polished.

2. Will the Lord grey and curing agent 100:1.5 ~ 3 (weight) in uniform (color), and finished in the gel time (generally of atomic ash gel time ranged from 5 minutes to 15 minutes), the lower the temperature the more dosage of curing agent, but generally should not be greater than 100:3, the atomic ash content on the market have summer and winter, according to the different use of seasonal temperatures of different types of atomic ash.

3.With a scraper will be adjusted putty coating scraping in the polishing of the two-component primer or the pre-treatment of the surface of the plate, if you need a thick layer of coating scraping, it is best to separate multiple thin scraping to the required thickness.If there is any bubble infiltration during scraping, it must be completely scraped flat with a scraper to ensure good adhesion.Generally, 0.5 ~ 1 hour after ash scraping is the best wet grinding time (water polishing, spray painting can be done after water vapor drying).The best dry grinding time is 2-3 hours.Remove the surface dust after polishing, can be sprayed in the paint, topcoat, gloss varnish and other subsequent operations.If the high requirements of the occasion, in the putty polishing, also need to scratch coating fine scraping putty (red ash, fill eye ash) to fill small defects, and then spray display layer and grinding to check the small defects, and then the subsequent spraying.

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