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what is vacuum resin infusion

Nov 05, 2018



1.Vacuum Infusion Process principle

Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)The single-sided mold (usually made of hand paste and injection mold) is used to establish a closed system.In a nutshell, is the mould with reinforced material, and then spread vacuum bag, and extraction system in the air, to form a negative pressure in the mold cavity, using the vacuum pressure lay unsaturated polyester resin through the pipeline import fiber layer, to fill the whole mold, with resin infiltration reinforced material last products after curing, vacuum bag material is uncovered, from the mold to get the required products.


Schematic diagram of vacuum infusion process

Driving force: use vacuum negative pressure to drive the infiltration and flow of resin in the fiber.


Darcy's law, the theoretical support of vacuum infusion process

The essence of the vacuum injection molding process is the process of resin long-term seepage and impregnating porous media, and the resin flow follows Darcy's law (Darcy).



Therefore, suitable materials can be selected through formula calculation and the time of resin perfusion can be controlled by controlling vacuum pressure.



2.The material of vacuum infusion process

1)the main material of vacuum infusion process



2)Supporting material of vacuum infusion process




3.Vacuum Infusion process and application


1)Specific process of vacuum infusion process

①preparing mold

②release agent

③spray/hand lay up gel coat

④laying reinforcement and sandwich materials

⑤laying diversion net and peel ply

⑥laying gule in-feed pipeline:the principle is to minimize resin pouring time without surrounding

⑦Arrangement of the air exhaust pipeline

⑧The construction of vacuum system

⑨Leakage hunting and pressure maintenance

⑩The resin curing




2) Application field of vacuum Infusion process

①Boat industry -- hull, deck, rudder, radar shield

②Wind power energy -- blade, barn cover

③Automobile industry -- all kinds of roofs, windshields, carriages

④Sports and leisure -- helmet, windsurfing

⑤Construction field -- roof parts, building templates

⑥Agriculture and horticulture -- the round cover of barn, the protective cover of farm machinery



4.Neweco Vacuum Infusion process resin.

NEWECO has introduced 9501P series and 9365P series of vacuum imported resin, which features stable exothermic heat release, rapid post-curing, shrinkage reduction, high strength, heat resistance and water resistance.It is suitable for RTM/ vacuum infusion process.




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