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What is water-based waterproof material

Jun 03, 2020

The water-based waterproof material refers to a single-component or two-component waterproof material prepared by using a polymer emulsion or a polymer powder as a main component material, by using a cementing material such as filler or cement, and an auxiliary modification aid. Its biggest feature is environmental protection and easy construction.


  Polymers, also known as macromolecular compounds (MacroMolecular Compound), refer to compounds with a relative molecular weight of more than 10,000 and repeating structural units composed of many atoms or atomic groups mainly covalently bonded, including inorganic polymers and organic polymers. Polymer emulsions are divided into a variety of emulsions based on different types of polymerized monomers. Commonly used are pure acrylic emulsions, vinegar-acrylic emulsions, styrene-acrylic emulsions, styrene-butadiene emulsions, VAE emulsions, vinegar-acrylic emulsions, etc. Their performances are different, for example: from the perspective of monomer structure, acrylic vinegar emulsion has better water resistance, weather resistance and flexibility; while VAE emulsion contains about 85% of vinyl acetate, the molecular polarity is relatively large, Poor water resistance.


  Cemented material refers to the physical and chemical action that can change from a slurry to a solid solid, and can bind other materials to form a solid substance with a certain mechanical strength. Can be divided into hydraulic cementing materials and non-hydraulic cementing materials. Inorganic cementitious materials include cement, fly ash, slag, lime, and gypsum.


  At present, based on the relatively low requirements for the grassroots and construction tools, the construction is simple and can achieve home DIY construction; the coating film has good continuity and is suitable for the construction of special-shaped parts with many nodes; environmentally friendly and tasteless, through environmental certification certification, construction and The characteristics such as no peculiar smell during use determine the widespread use of water-based waterproof materials in home improvement. The commonly used water-based waterproof materials on the market mainly include: acrylic waterproof coating, JS polymer cement waterproof coating and series of polymer cement waterproof mortar.