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What is Waterborne polyurethane resin and its properties?

Mar 19, 2019

Waterborne polyurethane resin and its properties
The waterborne polyurethane resin is a very fine aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. It is mainly used to improve the adhesion of finishing, has an ultra-fine and extended film, excellent cold resistance, but does not overfill the grain. Specially designed for substrate backing.

Properties of waterborne polyurethane resin

Appearance: milky white / micro opaque / liquid

Solid content: 22%

PH: 6-7

Charge: anion

Film hardness: special soft

Suggestions for use: It is often used in the adhesive layer. It can be added to 20-30% of the amount of resin, and the hardness of the coating film can be adjusted with other resins.

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