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What kind of material is fiberglass?

Oct 11, 2019

    In nature we always think that human beings are the smartest and omnipotent, but in some ways some animals understand better than we do. For example, some birds build nests out of straw, branches and clay. Inspired by bird's nests, houses are rammed with clay to form walls, and straw and lime are added to the clay, which is the most primitive reinforced composite. Composite materials are made of several different properties of materials, through physical or chemical methods, to form a new material with better properties. In ancient times, people realized that a single product could not meet the needs of use. According to the different needs, the characteristics of various materials were combined to become a new material. Therefore, composite material is a new type of material. It's another ancient material. 
FRP, when you see this word for the first time, will it also be confused, whether it is a new type of glass or special steel. FRP is what we call fiber reinforced plastics. It is a kind of composite material. It is widely used in the fields of construction, automobile, communication and so on. It takes all kinds of resin as the matrix, glass pulls into very fine fiber filaments, and weaves fiber filaments into products. Glass is a kind of material with low strength and easy brittleness, but when the glass is melted into a very fine glass fiber filament, its properties will change, this kind of glass fiber filament is very fine and high strength, and can even be woven into cloth. Fiberglass is like reinforced concrete, fiberglass filaments are like hard steel bars in concrete, resins are like binders cement, fiberglass filaments and resins are combined with both the composition of glass and the strength of steel. That's why this material is called fiberglass. 
It is also often used in life, such as outdoor trash cans, city sculptures, outdoor recreational equipment, etc., so how is this material made? FRP has low density, only about 1 of steel, but the strength is very high, with good corrosion resistance, insulation, simple process and so on. This is a property that other metals do not have, so FRP has replaced metal materials in many fields, but it also has some disadvantages, such as easy deformation, easy aging and so on.