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What kinds of sandwich materials are commonly used in the composite industry?-The second part

Aug 27, 2019

Strong core felt

Strong core felt

Strong core felt is a kind of blanket which is mainly composed of polyester fiber or glass fiber and microspheres and is bonded into a whole by an adhesive soluble in styrene. The use of strong core felt can significantly improve the rigidity of products and prevent the printing of cloth pattern, which plays an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of molds and products. Therefore, strong core felt is widely used in the production of all kinds of FRP molds. As a kind of lightweight material, strong core felt has been widely used in ships, automobile parts, amusement facilities, sanitary ware and so on.

Aramid paper honeycomb

Aramid paper honeycomb

1. High temperature resistance, so can be more than 200℃ hot pot forming temperature;

2. Wide density range, from 29-160 kg/m3, can meet different capacity structure requirements;

3. High shear strength, especially compared with foam core material, more suitable for light structure;

4. High toughness, high damage resistance compared with other honeycomb core materials;

5. Flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity (in line with aviation's strictest flame retardant and smoke toxicity standards);

6. Excellent creep and fatigue performance for long term use in demanding applications;

7. Extremely high wet strength, can be used in high humidity environment; Easy to process, reduce production cost;

8. Corrosion resistance (not corroded by water or other medium in contact with it, nor electrochemical reaction with carbon fiber skin like metal honeycomb);

9. Superior heat insulation and sound insulation, compared with metal and glass fiber materials, better heat insulation and sound insulation performance under the same weight, more comfortable, energy saving and environmental protection;

10. Easy to form and process, compared with metal honeycomb, aramid honeycomb can be bent, making processing more convenient and operation more convenient

PP honeycomb panel

PP honeycomb panel

1. Light weight: PP (polypropylene) plastic honeycomb is about 1/12 of the water mass of the same body, and 1/32 of the aluminum material, which can greatly reduce the load of buildings, cars, ships and light rail vehicles.

2. Sound insulation and heat insulation: because the air layer between the two boards is honeycomb into many closed gaps, and PP (polypropylene) plastic, so that the transmission of sound and heat is greatly limited, so the plastic honeycomb board has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

3. High intensity and stiffness: the ratio of unit mass to intensity is high and the ratio of stiffness is high.

4. Convenience: easy to use and install. It can be cut arbitrarily with a general art knife to make various special-shaped plates. Water resistance, moisture resistance: even in the water will not have deformation, etc.

5. Environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless: it is made from PP which can be used to manufacture food products for storage or packaging, so it is non-toxic and harmless, and will not emit any harmful gas, and can be recycled and reused.

6. Corrosion resistance: good chemical stability is one of the advantages of PP.

7 insulation: with good electrical insulation and small dielectric rate.

8. Fire prevention: combined with appropriate panels (such as fire prevention board), fire prevention can be achieved.