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What's Gel Coat Resin ?

Feb 21, 2019

Gel coat resin is a special type of unsaturated polyester. It is mainly used on the surface of resin products. It is a continuous cover thin layer. Its thickness is generally about 014mm, which is equivalent to 450g/m2. The gel coat resin on the surface of the product provides a protective layer for the base resin or laminate to improve the weather resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product, and gives the product a bright and beautiful appearance. F-type gel coat resins are widely used in mold agate products and glass steel products.

The method of use is to cover the surface of the mold by hand paste and spray after the completion of the release agent coating process on the mold, and to form a continuous and uniform glue layer. After partial gelation, it can be covered with a surface felt or chopped fiber mat for lamination operation, or filled with agate filler and resin.

Since the gel coat resin serves to protect the product and prolong the service life, the gel coat resin should have good mechanical strength, including water resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. Used on the surface of the product, it requires good gloss, light color and beautiful appearance. In the actual operation and construction process, there are often vertical surface spraying and hand lay-up, which requires the resin to have good sag performance, and is also a major characteristic of the gel coat resin from other resins. In the process of developing the gel coat resin, after repeated research and testing, finally, an excellent thixotropic agent was selected to make the resin have a good thixotropic effect. F-type gel coat resin is mainly researched and explored under the guidance of the above properties.