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What's structure of the double wall FRP tank

Nov 28, 2018


Double wall FRP tank


Double-wall tank refers to the storage tank formed by the inner tank and the outer tank that completely seals the inner tank. There is a clearance space between the inner tank and the outer tank, which is used to install the leakage detection system.


Composite double-wall tank can be generally divided into: S/F double-wall tank, F/F double-wall tank and FRP-lined double-wall tank (F/S double-wall tank)


Double wall FRP tanksdouble wall FRP tank



S/F double wall tank inner layer of tank shell is made of steel, outer layer of tank shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)


S/F double wall oil tank


F/F double wall tank inner layer of tank and outer layer of tank shell have FRP forming


F/F double wall oil tank


The inner shell of F/S double-wall tank is formed by FRP, and the outer shell is made of steel


F/S double wall FRP tank


The outer tank walls of S/F and F/F double-walled oil tanks are made of FRP materials. The double-walled oil tanks can effectively resist the erosion from groundwater, microorganisms and soil, and the penetration clearance can be equipped with 24h leakage monitoring facilities to control the risk of buried oil tanks.





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