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What's the difference between resins and plastics

Oct 30, 2018

Resin generally refers to the range of softening or melting after being heated. When softening, it tends to flow under the action of external forces. Under normal temperature, it is a solid, semi-solid and sometimes liquid organic polymer.

There are many kinds of resins, which can be classified into natural resins and synthetic resins.Natural resins are amorphous organic substances, such as amber and shellac, obtained from natural animal and plant secretions.Synthetic resin refers to the resin products obtained by chemical synthesis of simple organics or chemical reaction of some natural products, such as phenolic resin and polyvinyl chloride resin, in which synthetic resin is the main component of plastics.


Phenolic resin is a kind of synthetic resin made by polycondensation of phenolic compounds and aldehyde compounds. It is widely used in civil, industrial, aerospace and other fields because of its high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, low flammability, low toxicity and low smoke.


One of the most common applications of synthetic resins is the manufacture of plastics.Often used as a synonym for plastics in order to facilitate processing and improve performance, auxiliaries are often added and sometimes used directly in shaping.Synthetic resins are also basic materials for the manufacture of synthetic fibers, coatings, adhesives, insulation materials, etc.Synthetic resin in packaging, building supplies industry also has a broad market;Electronics, electricity and automobiles are also important applications of synthetic resins, as are furniture, toys, entertainment items, household appliances and medical supplies.Nowadays, synthetic resin still plays an important role in the field of rail transit. The short track access of Chongqing rail transit circle line chaotianmen Yangtze river bridge is a new breakthrough in the application of synthetic resin in subway system.


Track resin

Track resin




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