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what's the feature of artificial granite

Dec 20, 2018

Artificial Granite Properties:

Artificial granite is mainly marble powder as fillers ,and add specialized resin,pigments and others agent.curing to square stock after the agitation and vacuum presure,then after to be cutting ,thick ,grinding and polishing .

Artificial Granite process:

ResinPromoterCuring agentStone,powder
Resin Paste

Vacuum PresureCuttingThickGrinding and Polishing


Granite is widely use for public facilities and home decoration,such as wall,floor,dining table,cabinet,windows and others field.


The color is uniform and consistent,color and pattern have good simulation effect.

High hardness,good strength, good resistant to compression, wear-resisting and anti-aging.

Can be refurbished.

No toxicity and environmental protection,antisepsis.

Has good fire retardant effects.

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