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What the function of flexible vinyl resin?

Jan 22, 2019

In order to meet the needs of the various anti-corrosion engineering construction, the development of flexible vinyl resin, flexible vinyl resin has high adhesion on the surface of a steel and concrete, compared with the traditional epoxy vinyl resin, its elongation and higher bonding strength greatly increased, the impact strength increased nearly four times, interlaminar strength increased by 20%, and unique wear resistance.

(1) flexible vinyl resin used for corrosion resistant lining, pouring joint material or bottom coating resin, such as the overall mortar floor in the production of the bottom coating, can omit the domestic construction operation of FRP isolation layer production, in improving the overall performance at the same time, but also can save costs;

(2) pipe joints and other materials of the bonding;

(3) flexible vinyl resin and Kevlar fiber or other reinforcement materials, the production of high strength and fatigue products, such as sports or military helmets, sailing boats, etc.

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