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Why do sewage treatment plants choose FRP ventilation ducts?

Sep 21, 2019

Generally speaking, neweco FRP in sewage treatment plants recommend the use of external organic and internal inorganic FRP ventilation ducts. Why choose external organic:
The necessary characteristics of deodorizing organic duct in sewage treatment plant:
The main results are as follows: (1) the corrosion resistance is good, and the FRP pipe with long service life of ventilation pipe can resist the long-term erosion of all kinds of acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent, seawater, sewage and other chemical media.Pipes with different performance can be selected depending on the type of media and the temperature at which they are used.
(2) FRP pipes with excellent mechanical properties have low specific gravity (1.8~2.1g/ strength 3) and high strength (≥ 300mpa), and their specific strength is much higher than that of steel pipe and cast iron pipe. Because of the high quality resin in the middle layer of the pipe wall, the stiffness of the pipe is greatly improved.
(3) the inner surface of FRP pipeline is very smooth and the friction resistance is small, which can obviously reduce the pressure loss and increase the flow rate. Under the condition of the same flow rate, it can reduce the initial investment and save the energy consumption (reduce the operation cost).
It is the responsibility of neweco to solve the problem of response one by one in view of the problems of sewage treatment plants.
Characteristics of indoor selection of inorganic FRP duct:
1. The inorganic FRP duct made by neweco has high strength, no deformation, strong toughness, light specific gravity and no embrittlement. Under normal conditions, there will be no quality problems within 20 years of use. The water resistance is good, and the softening coefficient is not less than 0.9 after soaking in water for one month. The water absorption rate is low, at 3%-8% below the national industry standard of 12%.
2. The inorganic FRP duct we make has a magnesium oxide content of up to 75%, and has developed a unique modifier and applied for a patent, which effectively suppresses the moisture absorption and anti-halogen of the product, even in a humid environment. And there will be no anti-halogen.
3. Our inorganic FRP air duct not only has remarkable water resistance, but also has high quality fire protection performance. Through the national fire prevention test report, because the raw materials are even inorganic materials, they do not burn in case of fire, and the fire prevention performance is superior. The pipe material is grade A non-combustible.