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Low styrene polyester resin 9365LSE

Features and Application of Low styrene polyester resin 9365LSE:

9365LSE Resin high mechanical strength, high heat resistance, excellent water resistance.Suitable for winding, pultrusion, hand paste and other molding processes.It can be used for pipe, storage and all kinds of fiberglass products such as bolt, door and window, cable bridge, grille, automobile parts, boat and so on.It conforms to JC/1092-2008 standard of mechanical forming winding resin, which can be caused by continuous winding process.It has been certified by China ship classification equipment (CCS) and can be used in ship manufacturing.Certificate label: NJ14W00014

Resin Casting Properties of Low styrene polyester Resin 9365LSE:

PerformanceParameterUnitStandard test
AppearanceResin casting body without defects

Barcol hardness42
GB/T 3854-2005
Heat deflection temperature79GB/T 1634-2004
Elongation at break2.8%GB/T 2567-2008
Tensile Strength63MpaGB/T 2567-2008
Tensile modulus


MpaGB/T 2567-2008
Flexural  strength113MPaGB/T 2567-2008
Flexural modulus3600MPaGB/T 2567-2008

Executive Standard: JC/T 1092-2008

● Package of Low styrene polyester resin 9365LSE:

9365LSE Low styrene polyester Resin is pack with metal drum,net weight 220kg.we also can pack resin according on your request.

● Product Case:




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