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Best Marine Polyester Resin 189P/1189AP

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Marine / Automotive Parts Resin 189P/1189AP


● Features and Application

Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005

CodeTypeViscosity Pa.sQGel Time (mins)

Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
189P/1189APOrthophthalic resin0.30-0.609-605535002.210533007040

Promoted resin with wax ,good water resistance, authenticated by China Classification Society, good strength and rigidity, small shrinkage, good integrated performance, suitable for common water resistance product.

ApplicationShip , automotive components( hand layer up product)


● Curing Mechanism:

Unsaturated polyester resin curing, refers to the resin from liquid to solid state process, which is the process we use unsaturated polyester resin manufacturing products.This process can be done under heating and pressure or at room temperature without heating (cold curing). 


● Package:

189P/1189AP Resin is pack with metal drum,net weight 220kg.we also can pack resin according on your request.


● Notice:

In the process of product production, after heating and curing, the temperature should be lowered steadily to room temperature to avoid sudden cooling and product deformation or cracking, especially in winter.The cutting and polishing of quartz during production should be carried out after full solidification.


● Product Cases:


marine polyester resin


marine polyester resin


marine polyester resin


marine polyester resin