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Marine / Automotive Parts Resin 2085PT


● Features and Application of Marine Boat Resin

Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005

CodeTypeViscosity Pa.sQGel Time (mins)

Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
2085PTOrthophthalic resin0.20-0.509-606037002.010037006540
FeaturesPromoted thixotropic resin, less shrinkage, lower heat release,best water resisting, high strength.
ApplicationOfficial  launch,ferry launch,the structural layer of FRP fishing boat , auto parts.Apply to spray and hand layer up process.

 This resin has passed CCS certificate.


● Notice:

1.Unsaturated polyester resin products belong to class 3 flammable dangerous goods, which should be stored and transported in accordance with relevant regulations of the state.

2.The filler should be avoided moisture absorption , high moisture content will affect the solidification of products, leading to performance degradation.

3.In the condition of 60℃-70℃,no less than 3 hours after curing, the product performance is better.

4. Stored under 25℃ shelter,flame and heat isolated, 3 month shelf life.


● Product Cases:

resin marine




resin marine

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