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Polyester Marine Resin 9365APT

Polyester Marine Resin 9365APT

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Marine / Automotive Parts Resin 9365APT


● Features and Application of Polyester Marine Resin

Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthophthalic resin



Promoted thixotropic resin,with wax,good water resisting,high strength and heat resisting.

Apply to spray and hand layer up process.(Marine,automotive parts).

Marine/ Automotive parts resin authenticated by china classification society, accord with DNV and Lloyd’s damand.


● Hand lay-up Process

Hand pasting is a process of laying fiber reinforced materials and resin glue solution on the mold by hand. After curing at room temperature and pressure, the composite products can be obtained by stripping.

Hand pasting is one of the earliest and simplest composite production methods, which plays an important role in the composite production process


● Package:

The packing net weight is 220KG metal barrel,under 25℃ storage period is three months,the unsaturated polyester resin is flammable liquid and should be stored in the cool ventilated place,avoids the fire,isolates the heat source.



The indicators of resin products in this data are according to GB/ T8237-2005 standard and China classification society (CCS) certification requirements, based on the company's professional technical research, combined with the user's application practice.In the implementation of viscosity, gel time and other chemical indicators, will be adjusted with the change of the season.The company reserves the right to modify certain parameters as technology advances and user requirements change.User personality requirements, please confirm with our company.


● Product Cases:

Polyester Marine Resin


Polyester Marine Resin

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