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polyester resin marine grade 4803APT


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Marine / Automotive Parts Resin 4803APT


● Features and Application of polyester resin marine grade

Executive Standard: GB/T8237-2005

CodeTypeViscosity Pa.sQGel Time (mins)

Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus


Elongation at break


Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Heat Deflection Temperature

Barcol Hardness
4803APTTetrabromophthalic anhydride0.20-0.5012-60 65 3200 2.5 100 3300 75 42
FeaturesPromoted thixotropic, reactive type Flame Retarded resin with wax, good workability, high strength, better flame retardant property, suitable for spray or hand paste .
Applicationwidely used in FRP liftboats , boat building and other FRP products.


● Package:

4803APT Resin is pack with metal drum,net weight 220kg.we also can pack resin according on your request.


● Instruction:

Adjust accordingly to the changing seasons.The company reserves the right to modify certain parameters as technology advances and user requirements change.User personality requirements, please confirm with the company.


● Product Cases:

marine resin



marine resin

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