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N95 Mask Material Nonwoven Fabric

Product Details

N95 mask material nonwoven fabric 

Product Description

ItemN95 mask material nonwoven fabric
Material100% Polypropylene
ColorWhite and Black
Place of originChina

Packing & Delivery

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Commodity characteristics

1. A multilayer 100% synthetic non-woven material specifically developed to provide high tear strength;

2. Soft, drapable 100% polypropylene nonwoven is virtually lint free and helps protect wrapped contents from contamination;

3. It offers a high level hydrostatic head property and thus a high level protection against fluid and particles;

4. Good air permeability is preserved, which is an important criteria for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization;

5. It has a very low shrinkage rate after steam sterilization process;

6. It has a strong resistance to tears and punctures;

7. Softness is preserved and it is easy to fold and work with;

8. It is produced in 10, 000 grade clean workshop, which is beyond the general medical packaging material cleanliness requirements of 100, 000 grade;

9. It is applicable to various kinds of sterilization such as ethylene oxide, radiation, high-pressure steam, electron beam, plasma and so on;

10. It gets authority certification for double packaging resistive strain rate of 99 percent above and bacteria-block valid date for up to 180 days.

oftness: mask has good flexibility, which can closely fit the skin and cover the groove of skin.

Smooth: delicate surface, smooth touch.

functional: double-layer micro-pressure which can better absorb moisture.

Light, thin,transparent.

Spunlace nonwoven fabric is produced by high pressure water jet which flows into the web, and the fibers wind each other to make original loose fiber into a more strongerh and complete constructure.


1. Medical fields: surgical gowns, protective coverall, working garment, disposable hats, shoe cover etc.;

2. Hygiene Sanitary fields: baby diaper, adult diaper, underpad etc.

3. Agriculture fields: UV treated products used in agriculture;

4. Household fields: tablecloth, furniture, disposable cloth;


1. Water absorbent

2. Anti bacteria

3. Anti fungal resistant

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