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Disposable Medical Non Woven Material Meltblown

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Disposable medical non woven material meltblown

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 Meltblown nonwovens, which is used as filtration media in the production of mini-pleat filters, ventilation filters, cabin air filters, vacuum cleaner filters and other household air cleaning filters, features more durable high efficiency filtration rate, lower resistance and anti-bacteria property. Our PP melt-blown air filtration material covers a wide range of efficiency grade, from F6 to F9 .

 -Structure with fine or ultra-fine fibre, bigger total surface area
-High filtration  efficiency and low resistance
-Can filter harmful particles as well as bacteria in the air
-More stable filtration efficiency and longer service life
-High porosity and small pore size
- Good chemical stability and wide temperature usage

Our Services

 We are trading company in melt-blown nonwovens which is mainly used as filter media in the production of many products. our supplier developed their own electret charging equipment and electret master batch, adopting unique formula, to help with  nonwovens reach higher filtration efficiency and lower air penetration pressure.

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