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Mask Dust-proof Electrostatic Meltblown Fabric

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Mask Dust-proof Electrostatic Meltblown Fabric

Great for making at home

Make it yourself: If you ca n’t buy it, you can use scissors, staples, hand stitches, sewing machine to cut, and make three-layer masks by hand. Meltblown cloth.

Meltblown cloth: Meltblown cloth has good filterability and can be used in conjunction with masks to extend the use time of the masks, which is convenient and hygienic!

Non-woven fabric: Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fog, non-irritating, breathable and soft. Very suitable for making masks with meltblown cloth.

Sales: You cannot buy it during a special period. You can try to make it yourself. You can purchase the tools you need to use at once. The production is simple and convenient.


1: Fine Craft: The diameter of melt-blown fiber can reach 1 ~ 2 microns, which belongs to ultra-fine non-woven fiber.

2: Practical in Use: The cloth features the weight of 25/50g(about), which will meet your needs.

3: Wide Application: The filter fabric meltblown cloth is universal , thus making the filtering efficiency greater than 95%.

4: Premium Material: The fabric meltblown cloth features a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, which is breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-burning, easy to decompose, non -toxi c, non-irritating, recyclable, etc.


Name: Meltblown Cloth

Main ingredients: polypropylene

Size:10 x 14cm

Functions: heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, non-toxi c and non-irritating.

Uses: can be used as the filter materials, oil-absorbing materials, sanitary materials such as rags, filtering layers, etc.


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