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Meltblown Filter Fabric

Product Details

Meltblown filter fabric

Product description

Product nameMeltblown Filter Fabric
TypeHot-stamping Non-woven Fabric
TechnologyMeltblown Pp Nonwoven Fabric
Raw Material100%polypropylene
Thickness0.8-5mm Customized
Product TypeSpunbond Hydrophilic
Product Keywordsmeltblown filter fabric,melt - blown nonweven fabric,melblown tessuto non tessuto

Meltblown technology is one of the most effective ways to make very fine, highly efficient filter media. A 100% eco-friendly recycl air filter polypropylene wipe nonwoven fabric meltblown has a diameter of less than 10µm, many times finer than a human hair, which has a diameter of 120µm, or a cellulose fiber of about 50µm.

The raw material is a thermo-plastic synthetic material which is melted and forced through an extruder consisting of a very large number of tiny nozzles. Immediately after exiting the nozzles, the individual filaments are blown by hot air in the same direction while still in their semi-melted state, extending them and creating very fine, endless fibers, within a few milliseconds.

Using this dry-laid process, we can produce media with weights from 10 – 300g/m².

Alternatively, the melt blown can be directly applied to a carrier media [cellulose or spunbond , producing combination media in one step.

Additional there are many options to choose: fiber diameter, thickness, grammage, FDA-conformity, haptic surface design, resistance to chemicals, heat resistance, compostability, dust loading, low shedding surface polarity, UV-Protection, antibacterial, colors, elctrocharging and antistatics.

Our advantages

The advantages of 100% eco-friendly recycl air filter polypropylene wipe nonwoven fabric meltblown are:

1. strong ventilation, medical non-woven fabric from 100% fiber composition porous, good ventilation.

2. good filtration, polypropylene chips without water absorption, moisture content is zero, easy to filter;

3. good heat preservation.

4. Non-toxic, non-irritating, the product is produced with FDA food-grade raw materials, without other chemical components, stable performance, non-toxic, odor-free, non-irritating skin;

5. good waterproof.

6. good flexibility, by polypropylene spinning directly into a network of thermal bonding, product strength is better than ordinary staple fiber products, strength without direction, longitudinal and transverse strength is similar;

7. it is not untidy, elastic, recoverable, and has no fabric directivity.

8. feel good, soft, composed of fine fibers (2-3D) light spot-like hot-melt bonding molding, finished products with moderate softness, comfortable;


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