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Meltblown Cloth Breathing Filtering

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Meltblown Cloth Breathing Filtering

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* 1.Sizes: width : 17.5cm/6.89in(about), Length : 10 Metters/11 Yards

* 2.Premium Material: The cloth is environmentally friendly materials, which is breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-burning,
  easy to decompose, non-toxic, non-irritating, recyclable, etc.
* 3.Fine Craft: The diameter of melt-blown fiber can reach 1 ~ 2 microns, which belongs to ultra-fine non-woven fiber.

* 4.Application: The cloth can be used for various maskes, thus making the filtering efficiency greater than 95%.

★ Practicality: 

The weight of the cloth is 28g (about), to meet your needs. ★ Wide application: The filtration efficiency is higher than 95% because the cloth can be used for various coverings. ★ High quality material: the cloth adopts a new generation of environmental protection material, breathable, soft, light, not easy to burn, easy to decompose, non-toxic, no stimulation, recyclable, etc★Function: heat insulation, heat insulation, non-toxic, no stimulation.★Usage: It can be used as filter material, oil absorbing material, dishcloth, filter layer and other sanitary materials.

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