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Meltblown Fabric Bfe 99

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meltblown fabric bfe 99

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BFE99 melt-blown non-woven fabric


100% Polypropylene





Waterproof, Moth-proof, Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Anti-Static, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pull, Tear-Resistant


Home Textile, Hospital, Agriculture, Hygiene, Garment, Car, Industry

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Why choose Non woven fabric?

1.  Non woven fabric for Medical/Hygiene   Non woven fabric is widely used in Medical/ Hygiene markets, disposable face/surgical mask,surgical drapes, gowns, sterile packaging, overwraps, baby diaper, feminine hygiene,wipes, with breathable, water- proof, hydrophilic, anti-baceria, non-toxic, eco-friendly advantages.

2.  Non woven fabric for Waterproof membrane   Non woven fabric is widely used as waterproof membrane base, with anti-aging, good thermo stability, anti-UV and  longer service life.

3.  Non woven fabric for Civil construction  Non woven fabric is put between soil and gravel to avoid gravel falling into soil, and make sure pavement structure stable. Non woven fabric is also based material of qualify linoleum that is used for all kind of flat roof and or slope roof.

4.  Non woven fabric for Agriculture  Non woven fabric is excellent to be applied in the agriculture and gardening, due to its good breathability, hygroscopicity and transmission of light. It can protect the plants against birds, worms, frost, weeds and pollution.

5.  Non woven fabric for Clothing  Non woven fabric is also accessories for making clothing.

6.  Non woven fabric for Craft gift  Non woven fabric is make all kind of handbag, traveling bag, shopping bag, traveling cap, cleaning cloth, shoe cloth, raincoat ,curtain and so on, with light, easy dry ,acid and alkali resistant, good breathability and beautiful painted design.

7.  Non woven fabric for Industrial  Used for sofa cushion and seat cover, decking material; Mattress covers, spring insulators, mattress pad protector and quilt backing; Quilt, pillow and cushion inserts, dust guard for indoor and outdoor furniture, storage cases, wardrobes; And disposable products for airlines ,trains and coaches: headrest covers and pillow covers.


1. Q: What is the material of your meltblown?
A: 100% Polypropylene.

2. Q: What is the specificationsof your meltblown?
A: 20-100gsm,BEF 95/99.

3. Q: What is the width?
A: 17.5 cm ; 2 cm or as your requirements.

4. Q: How many tons in one container?
A: 4 tons for 1*20ft container; 7 tons for 1*40ft container

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