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Meltblown Polypropylene Wipes

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Product Details

Meltblown polypropylene wipes

Product description

Name Meltblown Polypropylene Wipes
PatternPerforated roll, Folded sheet, Mini rol, Jumbol roll 
Style Cross foot, as customized 


♦1. High-tech material,surfactant contained design,quick absorption of oil dirt up to 8 times of its weight.

♦2. Wiping the oil dirt,water and various solvents. Reusable nature.

♦3.Firm texture and high wet strength Combination with solvent allowed

♦4.Highly tear resistant,strong and durable

♦5. Solvent resistant,Combination with solvent allowed.


♦Cleaning and wiping oil contamination,water,dust and chemical reagent on machine,products,tool,glass,worktable,food,instrument,Electron factory,machine maintenance,Machine manufacture, semiconductor assembly,computer assembly,printing, circuit board processing, electron,machinery,motor,mould processing,automobile Industrial cleanroom, SMT, screen,precision Instrument,aviation,plastics,laboratory ,pharmacy.

♦Wiping the heavy oil dirt in the production environment,Cleaning various leaked inks,screen boards;

♦Maintaining and caring machine tools and large equipments.Wiping the users themselves.

Our advantages

♦Quality: Reliable quality, strict quality management and supervision system
♦Price: Competitive price
♦Characteristic:The independent brand,more than 20 years experience in nonwoven
♦Service:Good pre-sale and after-sale service
♦Packing:Standard exported packing
♦Time:Steady lead time
♦Sample:The sample can be provided before firm order

♦Require:Your require will be responded as soon as possible




Q: If we are interested in your products, can we go to visit your factory to know more about you please?

A: Of course! Welcome to visit our factory, we will show you the production line, our office, and our traditional life in China. Just one thing, please inform us your route at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can make a perfect journey for you.


Q: As you know, If we need a sample first, could you supply it for us please?

A: No problem, we can send you sample as your require. But please understand that we will choose the sample from our current stock, so maybe there is a little different of composition ratio or basic weight from your expectation, but it is enough for your reference. If you need us make a customized sample for you, it will charge sample fee.


Q: Once we confirm the sample, please can you make sure that the quality of the bulk order will be as same as the sample we confirmed?

A: Yes! The bulk order quality will keep exactly same with previous sample, please do not worry.

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