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Nonwoven N95 Fabric Filter Meltblown

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Nonwoven N95 Fabric Filter Meltblown

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       Colors:White Colour

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BFE99 meltblown nonwoven fabric

1. weight: 10gsm to 300gsm
2. industrial and equipments use

3. asistant PM 2.5
4. eco-friendly
5. BFE 99 efficiency(nelson report)
6. different designs

7. heat insulation, sound proof

can be cut in small rolls with small width and point cut in each roll.

1) Using polypropylene as the main raw material; composed of fine fibers and reinforced
by heat-sealing, spun-bonded non woven has a good softness
2) With superior quality, chemical resistant, antistatic,
waterproof, ventilative, antibacterial, aromatic, non-toxic, odourless, non-musty,
3) High quality and reasonable price

Packing:Reel in cardboard with 7.6cm inside diameter, with poly membrane outside

1.High effciency,low resistance
2.Clean recycled & eco-friendly
3.100% PP
4. Grade: BFE95,BFE99,N95

As one of leading release liner manufacturer in China, we mainly engage in manufacturing, processing and selling of release liner,

protection film, special tapes, face mask and melt blown cloth etc. we have hundreds of employees, sales value over 20 million
dollars per year, our products are popular in domestic market, we also exported to Europe , America , Middle East and Southeast

Asia etc.


1. Are you a manufactuer or trading company? We are manufacturer of melt blown. 2. What about the lead time for mass production?

Estimated time around 2 week.
3. Where is your company?
Chuzhou city, East China (Next to Shanghai city)
4. What's the MOQ foryour production?
1000 kgs.

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