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Polypropylene Meltblown Medical NonWoven Fabric

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Product Details

Polypropylene meltblown Medical NonWoven Fabric

Quick Details:

Technics: Nonwoven 
Supply Type: Make-to-Order
Material:100% Polypropylene
Nonwoven Technics: Melt-Blown
Style: Plain
Feature: Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Anti-Bacteria
Use: Hospital, Hygiene, Car, Industry
Weight: 25g/m2, 25g or as customer's requirement
Place of Origin: Changzhou, China
Brand Name: Chuangda
Filter Grade: BFE95 99/PFE95 99

 Product Type

 PP Non woven fabric


 PP Polypropylene


 17 - 160 cm


 25g, 30g, 50g or customized


 Home Textile, Medical, Surgical Mask


 White or blue


 1000 kgs

.Rapid response to your needs:welcome to contact us if you have any problems.
2.Standard: All of our models are approved by ISO 14001, SGS, TUV
3.Professional factory: Over 47,000 m2 factory area and 500 workers.

Our Advantage

1. Color & Design can meet your needs of any kind;

2.High degree of uniformity both on color & thickness;

3.High thermostability;

4.High gas permeability;

5.High intensity & flexibly;

6.High color fastness & no fade;

7. Touch well, Breathable;

8.Dust-proof,water-proof, anti-corrosion;

9.Eco-friendly & biodegradable,reusable;

10.New Color, Eco-friendly.

1.The filter performance is good, and the barrier efficiency is higher
the diameter of ordinary non-woven fiber used in the traditional mask is more than 1000nm, while the diameter of polytetrafluoroethylene mask is between 100nm and 200nm, which can effectively block PM2.5 in the air, as well as some viruses, bacteria and particles invisible to the naked eye. For the fineparticles with a diameter of 75 nm, the filtration performance is over 95%, which meets the standards of N95 and kn95.

2.It has a longer service life and can be recycled
due to the large fiber diameter, ordinary non-woven materials used in traditional masks need to rely on static electricity to absorb particles in the air, but static electricity will fail in a short time, so they can only be used once. Polytetrafluoroethylene mask is more durable due to its physical barrier of airpollutants, and PTFE nano film mask is resistant to repeated treatment of boiling water, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, etc., which can be used for a long time, and can be recycled for more than 20 times.

3.It is easier and more free to breathe when wearing
the traditional mask materials have poor air permeability, and will feel damp and sultry when wearing for a long time, which is not conducive to physical and mental health. The PTFE nano film has a three-dimensional structure, which has the air permeability unmatched by other protective materials, and it will not feel damp when wearing for a long time.

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