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Spunbonded Melt-Blown Nonwoven Fabric

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Spunbonded Melt-Blown Nonwoven Fabric

Meltblown nonwoven is by the one-step process used to convert thermoplastic resins into fibrous nonwoven materials and is capable of producing microfibers with diameters 0.5-5 micron range. It is opacity, low abrasion resistance, no stimulation smell. It is an important component in the manufacture of face masks, which are ideal for high-risk environments. Its dense microfiber structure acts as an excellent barrier against particles, bacteria, and other contaminating agents, combining high filtration efficiency with excellent air permeability. And it also can be used for the liquid barrier, absorption products for oil.

This melt blown filter fabric is the key part of respirators which can provide the majority of the protection. It can be widely used in a disposable respirator, re-used dust respirators, and surgical respirators. Our PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric can meet the different standard requirements, including NA NOish N serial, EU standard EN 149 serials, and BFE serials.

Basic weight

    20g,25gsm, customized

Popular Color


Popular width

    17.5 ,18cm ,etc


  Medical protect:
        disposable face mask, surgical gown, protective clothes, patient clothes, operation cover, operation cap, shoe cover, sheet and so on.

  Sanitary and health: 
        baby diaper, feminine hygiene, hygiene pad, baby training trousers, incontinence pads, etc. cover of the high absorbent material after hydrophilic treatment, diaper edge for preventing leaking, diaper backing after composite with other material.


We can make normal,BFE99,PFE99,N95,FFP1,FFP2 grade

MB Meltblown SS Spunbond Non Woven Fabric for Surgical Mask

MB Meltblown SS Spunbond Non Woven Fabric for Surgical Mask Main specifications

G weight: 18g-500g

Width: 160cm and 180cm in general (it can also be determined according to customer demand)

Melt blown nonwovens are produced by drawing the polymer melt fine flow extruded from the spinneret holes of the die head with high-speed hot air flow, forming superfine fibers and collecting them on the web curtain or roller, and self bonding at the same time.

The production process of melt blown cloth mainly includes:

1. Melt preparation

2. Filtration

3. Measurement

4. Extrusion of melt from spinneret hole

5. Melt draft and cooling

6. Networking


MB Meltblown SS Spunbond Non Woven Fabric for Surgical Mask Application

PP is the main raw material of the melt blown cloth, and the diameter of the fiber can reach 0.5-10 μ m. These ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of the fiber per unit area, so that the melt blown cloth has good air filtration, and is a relatively good mask material. In large and medium-sized medical institutions, in earthquake and flood affected areas, in SARS and avian influenza With the high incidence season of H1N1 virus, melt blown filter paper plays an irreplaceable role with its strong filtering performance.

Melt blown cloth is mainly used for:

1. Filter material

2. Medical and health materials

3. Environmental protection materials

4. Clothing materials

5. Battery diaphragm material

6. Wiping materials

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