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Isophthalic resin


High strength, good   tenacity, better seawater and CI resisting, suitable for high performance product.

Molding grid products


Resin with grating plate is a glass fiber reinforced material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, through special processing into a tabular material with lots of blank space, resin gratings can be used as a structural material, used for the floor of the corrosion environment, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stair, catwalks, etc.

Polyester grille has light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, solid and non-magnetic insulation, beautiful and diversified color, easy to clean, easy to install.The products are widely used in petrochemical, light metallurgy, food brewing, energy, electricity, sewage treatment and other industries.

High strength: strength is 10 times harder than hard PVC, much higher than the absolute strength of aluminum alloy, to the level of common steel;

Corrosion resistance of: it is stainless steel, mildew free, rot free, paint free, ability, large amounts of gas, liquid corrosive media;

Anti-fatigue: fiberglass grilles have a certain flexibility that makes people who work on them feel comfortable for a long time. As a working platform, it reduces tension in the legs and back of the staff, increases the comfort of work, and thus improves work efficiency.

Comprehensive economy is better than ordinary carbon steel, polyester grille integration, low cost, although its one-time investment than ordinary carbon steel, because of its long life, can be used for 20 years, and maintenance free, so its comprehensive economic benefits are much better than using carbon steel;

Easy to install: polyester grilles allow members to use less weight, thus reducing the weight of the support structure, without the need to install lifting equipment, thus saving and convenient.

Safety: due to collisions during installation and use, it is particularly suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments. In addition to no spark will be generated, polyester grilles have non-slip surfaces to prevent skid grilles and reduce accidens


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