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2020 JEC Composites Innovation Award: They Have Successfully Innovated In These Applications

May 16, 2020

The JEC Group (Paris, France) announced the winners of the 2020 JEC Composite Innovation Award at a network ceremony held on Wednesday, May 13.

"In addition to the simple awards ceremony, the JEC Composite Innovation Award is also designed to provide inspiration for the industry and provide an excellent carrier for all winners. For the composite industry, this is inevitable throughout the year and has been a long-awaited We ca n’t miss the moment. ”Said Franck Glowacz, head of innovation at JEC Group.

The winners in each category are as follows:

Additive Manufacturing: Eurecat (Spain)

Additive manufacturing: Eurecat (Spain)

Eurecat won because of its CFIP technology, a new post-processing technology that uses continuous fibers to reinforce parts of various materials and manufacturing technologies.

Aviation: Institut de Soudure Groupe & Arkema (France)

They were awarded the "Innovative Solution for TP Composite Welding", which is a newly developed patented solution that can perform very high-performance welding of thermoplastic composite materials.

Automotive: Volkswagen (Germany)

Car: Volkswagen (Germany)

German manufacturer Volkswagen is awarded for its light FRP central tunnel (LehoMit-Hybrid): an innovative and profitable thermoplastic structural hybrid vehicle body part suitable for mass production, which can be used for cathode immersion treatment using appropriate assembly technology Introduce.

Architecture, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering: Carbo-Link (Sweden)

Carbon-Link is awarded for its CL recombination, a thin ribbon made of pre-impregnated and hardened carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), which is continuously wound into a loop to form a flexible carbon ribbon. This process can strengthen any size of concrete beams in any infrastructure, and the service life is not limited.

Design and furniture: Mecelec Composites (Finland)

The company won for its mass-produced linen fiber roof, which is the first application of bulk molding compound (BMC) linen fiber in mass production.

Maritime transportation and shipbuilding: Norsepower Oy Ltd. (Finland)

The company's Norsepower Rotor Sail Light Solution won an award, which improved the ship's propulsion system by using wind as an auxiliary propulsion measurement to help freight and passenger ships reduce fuel costs by 5-30%.

Process: Engel Austria (Austria)

The company's custom thermoplastic composite billet production line won the award, which is an innovative element consisting of a pick and place stacking unit, an integrated unit, heating and cooling, and is reported to be able to produce customized within a one to three minute cycle Thermoplastic billet.

Railway vehicles and infrastructure: Far-UK Ltd. (UK)

The company won the "BRAINSTORM Project", a light-duty tram frame composed of very light composite tubes. The framework is said to reduce investment and manufacturing costs and carbon emissions.

Recycling: Cobra International (Thailand)

The company was awarded for its epoxy resin-infused RTM molding tool and the closed-loop recycling process of water sports fins for Starboard and MFC.

Space: Hankuk Carbon (South Korea)

The company has won awards for its lightweight and unlined carbon cryogenic cryochamber, which can reportedly reduce the weight of the space launcher by replacing the current fuel tank with an uncoated carbon fiber composite cryogenic cryochamber 30%.

Sports and Health: Asics Corp. (Japan)

The company won the championship with its "Future of Springs: Less Stud CFRTP Sprint Shoes", a new molding method using pre-formed and randomly oriented ultra-thin carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer (CFRTP) tape.

JEC Composites Magazine Special Award: Cookson Precious Metals

The company won the award for its 3D printed tube for glass fiber production, which reportedly simplifies the production of glass fibers with innovative geometries.

Public Vote Award: Stratiforme Industries (France)

Public vote winner: Stratiforme Industries (France)

The company's project "DESTINY Thermoplastic Resin Train Front End" won the public vote award. The aim of the project is to introduce a series of new components for the internal layout of commercial composite and railway applications based on thermoplastic composites.